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We Buy Empty Laser Printer Toner Cartridges

Empty Cartridge Purchasing (ECP)
Selling toner cartridges is a great way to insure that empty toner cartridges are recycled while making money at the same time! Not only do you get the warm, fuzzy feeling of having done something good for the environment, but you get rewarded with cash for doing so! And, we get to turn your empties into a recycled product! Win, Win and Win! However, in order to achieve the Win-Trifecta, the ECP process must run smoothly. So, we do have a few pesky rules.

Cartridges We Buy
We only buy cartridges from the empty cartridge lists (links below). Also, the cartridges must be virgin cartridges, i.e., cartridges that have never been remanufactured. This is because non-virgin empties tend to compromise the integrity of our products.

Cartridges We Do Not Buy
We do not buy back any cartridges that are not on our empty cartridge lists. The lists are kept up to date and reflect the ONLY cartridges that we are currently purchasing. So, if your cartridge is not listed, we will not buy it. Also, we do not buy unused cartridges.

You Must Obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Number Online
To sell us your empties, you must have an RMA number. In order to receive an RMA number, click here. Once we receive your request, we will email you an RMA number with instructions within 48 hours. PLEASE DO NOT CALL FOR AN RMA # as we are not equipped to handle ECP requests by phone.

Unfortunately, broken cartridges are of no use to us, so we do not pay for damaged cartridges. It is crucial to package your empties properly. We recommend packaging the cartridges in their original packaging (with end caps) and then placing them in a larger box. However, if the original packaging is unavailable, we’ve had customers utilize bubble wrap and other types of cushioning with good success. On the other hand, cartridges packed on top of cartridges generally do not survive the trip. Whatever packaging you choose, the key is to ensure the cartridges arrive in good condition. Otherwise, the Win-Win-Win Dream we began the ECP process with is lost. L

Shipping Costs
We do not pay for shipping, so any shipping cost associated with your ECP is your responsibility.

Our Promise to You
We will receive and process your ECP promptly. Once your ECP is delivered, you will receive an email acknowledgement that your empties have been received within 24 hours. This acknowledgement lets you know that your ECP is being processed. Processing time takes up to 72 hours, and we print and mail ECP checks every Friday. All in all, ECP processing takes about 5 business days. So, you can expect a check to be mailed the Friday following the week we receive your empties.

Empty Toner Cartridge Price List

We only buy virgin cartridges that have not been remanufactured before and
we do not buy starter or introductory cartridges

Click here to Request an RMA # to sell us your cartridges

Ship All Cartridges to:

Advantage Laser Products
RMA # 000000 ( You Must Have An RMA # )
1840 Marietta Blvd
Atlanta, GA 30318