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MICR Document Analysis

Document Testing & MICR Quality Control

If you are using Advantage Laser Products' MICR toner cartridges then you can be assured you have good MICR toner, because each cartridge is tested before it's shipped. But if you are running daily or weekly check production, the best way to assure good quality control is to test each job to insure your checks meet ANSI and ABA standards. We use the MICRMate Check Analyzer by CheckMate Electronics (no longer available) and the EasyCheck by RDM. We test each cartridge with the EasyCheck to insure that it has good MICR toner. If we encounter a problem we take the document in question to our MICRMate Analyzer to pinpoint the exact problem. Most problems that you will encounter are related to placement of the MICR line and extraneous toner in the bottom 5/8" of the check. You can catch these problems with a $65 check gauge.
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