Made in the USA
All of our MICR toner cartridges and check paper are made in the USA.

We've been manufacturing toner cartridges in Atlanta since 1990. 98% of all toner cartridges we sell are made in the USA. We manufacture our MICR toner cartridges at our location in Atlanta, Georgia. There are certain items that we choose to outsource, like color toner cartridges. Every effort is made to source any outsourced toner cartridges from domestic sources. Unfortunately there are very few toner cartridges manufacturers like ourselves in the USA anymore. Most toner cartridges you see on the market are manufactured in China. Yes, it costs more to manufacture cartridges in Atlanta, but by producing cartridges locally, we gain greater control over the process, plus the quality far surpasses what is current coming out of China. Our primary technicians have been employed by us for over 20 years and they know toner cartridges and what it takes to make a good one.