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Advantage Laser Products welcomes customers to resell our product. In fact we've built our business in the reseller market.

Our new web site doesn't require a separate login for resellers. Once you have set up your account on this site, contact customer service and let them know you need your account tagged as a reseller. The next time you log in, you will have access to wholesale prices.

You have a choice! You can become a reseller
or an Advantage salesman.
Buy and resell our product to your customers. The
Advantage is there is more opportunity for profit, the disadvantage is you have to handle the billing and invoicing.
Become our salesman. Send your clients to Advantage and we'll pay a percentage commission on every sale for as long as your client buys from Advantage. The Advantage is we handle the shipping, billing and paperwork and all you have to do is setup the account and deposit your monthly commission check.

As a manufacturer we can provide you with the right product at the lowest possible cost. That's not to say we're the cheapest, we're not! But you'll find we offer best products in the industry at very competitive prices. We have generic product, both MICR and Text off the shelf and customized cartridges with your company name on the label are also available.

There are many Advantages in buying from Advantage Laser Products:

We've been in business for over 18 years now. The reason we've staying in business is that we've always treated our wholesale customers right!
Private Labeling
We'll private label each cartridge and box of check stock with your name and phone number. Send us your logo and we'll add that at no charge!
Order On-Line
Once you log into our new website as a reseller, you will see our wholesale prices that are not available to the general public. You can also maintain a drop ship address book to make repeat orders a snap.
Drop Ship Direct
That's right, let us be your warehouse, we'll ship the product direct to your customer same day. Your name will appear as the shipper with our address.
Same Day Shipping
We ship 99% of our product out same day. Our large inventory allows us to offer great service.
Broad Cartridge Selection
We have a huge selection of MICR and Text Cartridges. We manufacture toner cartridges for HP, Lexmark, Canon, Brother, Xerox, Source Technologies, Troy and more. We offer everything on this site at wholesale prices.
MICR Specific Packaging
We use a MICR specific box for our entire value line of MICR toner cartridges. All of our reseller products are generically packaged. Custom packaging and labeling is available. Check Out Our New MICR Box
E-Mail Confirmation
We offer email confirmation for both you and your customer. Confirmation will include tracking number, item sent and shipping address. We can even send confirmation to your customer as well. The email will appear as if it came from you with your email address.
100% Money Back Guarantee
Advantage Brand Cartridges Guarantee -Quality Guaranteed!
Advantage Brand remanufactured toner cartridges, check stock, envelopes, font hardware/software, ink jet refills and New Modified MICR cartridges are guaranteed to be free from damage and/ or defects. Our policy is simple. Within one year from the time of purchase, our customers can return a damaged or defective cartridge. After examination, if the cartridge is defective or damaged, Advantage will replace the cartridge free of charge or simply refund the original purchase price—it’s the customer’s choice. In the event we determine that the cartridge is empty or otherwise defective, no credit will be applied. If we did something wrong, we’ll make it right—that’s the Advantage Guarantee!

To learn more about either of our reseller programs call us at 800-722-2804.

To get setup in our reseller program you'll need to fill out our Reseller Information and Set-Up Form , and provide a state resale certificate.
Be sure to fax both the reseller form and a copy of your resale certificate.