Empty Toner Cartridge Price List

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The Fine Print...
We only buy virgin toner cartridges that have not been remanufactured before. Prices subject to change without notice. You must obtain an RMA before sending in your cartridges. Click here to request an RMA to sell us your cartridges. We do not pay for shipping, so it's up to you to deliver the cartridges in good condition. We do not pay for broken cartridges. Broken or non-virgin cartridges will be sent to the HP Recycling Center. The best way to protect your cartridges is to ship them in the original OEM packaging. Processing time takes up to 72 hours and checks are cut each Friday.

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Hewlett Packard Empty Toner Cartridges
OEM Part # Description Price      Our Part #
CC364A HP LaserJetP4014/ P4015/ P4515 Std Yield - 64A $0.50       ECC364D
CC364X HP LaserJet P4015/P4515 High Yield - 64X $4.00       ECC364XD
CE255X HP LaserJet P3015 High Yield - 55X $2.00       ECCE255XD
CE278A HP LASERJET P1606 (*Exclude Starter) -78 - 78A $0.25       ECCE278AD
CE505A HP LaserJet P2035/P2055 Std Yield ( *N S - 05A $1.00       ECE505D
CF226A HP LaserJet M402/M426mfp Std Yield - 26A $0.25       ECCF226AD
CF226X HP LaserJet M402/M426 Mfp High Yield - 26X $0.25       ECCF226XD
CF258A HP CF258A LJ M404/M428MFP STD YIELD - 58A $0.25       ECCF258AD
CF258X HP CF258X LJ M404/M428MFP HIGH YIELD - 58X $0.25       ECCF258XD
CF281X HP LaserJet M604/M605 - 81X $3.00       ECCF281XD
CF283A HP LASERJET PRO M201/M127 (NO STARTERS) - 83A $0.25       ECCF283AD
CF287A HP CF287A FOR LASERJET M506 - 87A $0.25       ECCF287AD
CF287X HP CF287X FOR LASERJET M506 - 87X $0.25       ECCF287XD
CF289AD HP CF289AD LJ M507/M528MFP STD YIELD - 9AD $0.25       ECCF289AD
CF289XD HP CF289XD LJ M507/M528MFP HIGH YIELD - 9XD $0.25       ECCF289XD
Q1338A HP LaserJet 4200 - 38A $1.00       EC4200D
Q5942A HP LaserJet 4250 Std Yield - 42A $3.00       EC4250D
Q5942X HP LaserJet 4250 High Yield - 42X $3.00       EC4250XD
Q6511A HP LaserJet 2400 Std Yield - 11A $1.00       EC2400D
Q7553X HP LaserJet P2015 High Yield - 53X $4.00       EC7553XD

Canon Empty Toner Cartridges
OEM Part # Description Price      Our Part #
137 Canon 137 (9435B001AA) *Excludes Starter $3.00       EC137D