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Pre-Printed evoPro Solutions Checks
for Laser & Inkjet Printers!!!

Save money and have Advantage Laser Products pre-print your checks. Our service is substantially less expensive than other major check providers. Why is it less expensive? You're buying from the source! Not only are we check printing software developers, but we're a MICR toner cartridge manufacturer and a check stock supplier. MICR toner is a special magnetic toner that allows the banking system to read your account information with extreme accuracy.

We guarantee proper alignment for our evoPro Solutions payroll checks.

Pre-Printed evoPro Solutions Checks
Check Style Available Colors Software Compatibility

Sample Elite Accounting AP Check

Blue-Green Fade

evoPro Solutions

Note: The evoPro check
consists of only the MICR
line containing the routing
number, account number
and check number,
nothing else.

Qty Price Price Per Check
250 $50.00 .20
500 $70.00 .14
1,000 $90.00 .09
2,000 $160.00 .08
3,000 $240.00 .08
5,000+ $400.00 .08

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