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Pre-Printed ADP Manual Checks
for Laser & Inkjet Printers!!!

Save money and have Advantage Laser Products pre-print your checks. Our service is substantially less expensive than buying manual checks from ADP. Why is it less expensive? You're buying from the source! Not only are we check printing software developers, but we're a MICR toner cartridge manufacturer and a check stock supplier. MICR toner is a special magnetic toner that allows the banking system to read your account information with extreme accuracy.

All of our checks are printed on our Rainbow check stock loaded with anti-fraud security features, including copier void protection, micro printing, micro fibers, special signature background, watermark, and a multi color blue red fade. Making your check virtually impossible to copy or manipulate.

We guarantee proper alignment for our ADP manual checks.

Guaranteed Same Day Service

With this service, we will ship up to 1,000 checks UPS Ground the same day that your proof is returned for an extra fee of only $50.00. guaranteed!
Expedited service is for both new orders and re-orders. All orders must be in by 2pm Eastern Standard Time. If this is a new check order, your proof must be signed and faxed in no later than 2pm to receive this service. Please call 1-800-722-2804 if you have any questions regarding our SAME DAY CHECK GUARANTEE SERVICE.

Pre-Printed ADP Manual Checks
Check Style Available Colors Software Compatibility


Blue-Green Fade
Blue-Burgundy Fade

Solid Blue

ADP Manual Checks

Qty Price Price Per Check
250 $40.00 .16
500 $60.00 .12
1,000 $80.00 .08
2,000 $140.00 .07
3,000 $210.00 .07
5,000+ $350.00 .07

We charge published FedEx Ground Rates. No handling fees.
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Order ADP Manual Checks Online

Fast Turnaround
(Your order will ship 1-2 days after proof is approved)

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